Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Worldly Pleasure Vs. Joy that Comes from Jesus

"Let the world pursue whatever they want, thinking there’s ultimate joy and pleasure waiting under that guillotine with the attractive, half-naked woman beside it, asking you to lay your head down r-i-g-h-t here, right on this nice little stump. Put gobs of money on top of it. Park a new car behind it. Stand some important business contacts around it, or anything that’s often felt to you like it would be the greatest thing possible if you could have it. And let everybody knock themselves out going for it. Because when all those allures have packed up and gone home , and their victims look back on a life spent chasing those joy -baiters with all their might, the only things left will be blood and horror and another tragic testimony to tell their children and grandchildren, of the “thousand” and “ten thousand” who’ve fallen to the same, sorry fate (Ps. 91: 7).

"But you know what? Those cheap versions of joy don’t ever need to come “near you,” not again, like that verse from Psalm 91 goes on to say— because you’ve found the one-and-only joy in life, the joy that comes from being at home in Jesus."

-- Matt Chandler & Michael Snetzer, "Recovering Redemption: A Gospel Saturated Perspective on How to Change"

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