Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Testimony of Belief in the Gospel

I am a Christian now. I have come to believe the biblical gospel's account of how things really are. And this has led me to put my trust in Jesus to be my Savior and to give my allegiance to him as Lord. Now everything in my life needs to change in light of this fundamental and all-encompassing reality. That will undoubtedly be a long and painstaking process but there is no doubt that it is the right road to take. God created us good and happy, but we, being deceived by the Devil into thinking that God wasn't the source of our happiness, rebelled against Him and brought misery and deserved judgment upon ourselves.

God in great grace, though, was determined to rescue us from this and so, ultimately, He sent his Son to become our Savior to bring us back to happiness and to one day return as Judge so that those who stubbornly persist in sin and unbelief, vandalizing shalom, will not be allowed to forever hold hostage the people who want to experience and live in God's perfect happiness forever.

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