Monday, August 25, 2014

The Good News: God and Our True Happiness

Here's the summary of the teaching I shared last night about how I would try to present the Good News, the message of the Bible, to an unbeliever, inviting them to trust in Christ....

God created us for perfect happiness in a perfect world – that’s where mankind began in the Garden of Eden.

But humankind, in Adam and Eve, did not believe that God could be trusted for our true happiness, and went looking for it elsewhere instead – disobeying in rebellion against our good Creator, and plunging themselves into misery instead.

But God is so loving and gracious he was determined to bring us back to Himself and to happiness again, and set in motion a plan for rescue (salvation) that led Him to send His Son to be our Savior, dying as our substitute/sacrifice.

Now God offers his salvation happiness again for all who will turn back from their wandering and rebellion, and trust in Him, as we should have all along, for our true happiness.

One day God, in Christ, will judge the world, so that those who refuse Him, choosing misery instead, will not be able to forever hold hostage those who want to experience and live in His perfect happiness forever.

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