Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Lord trust and do good

A meditation on Psalm 37:

The Lord reigns -- he reigns today in absolute and unchallengeable sovereignty. Nothing can stay his hand; no one can threaten or thwart his will and purpose. (And that includes his purpose as it relates to my life and circumstances too.) He reigns in serenity and joy -- Father, Son and Holy Spirit -- in the glad communion of mutual honor and delight, into which communion, in Christ, I and all believers have been invited to join, although the consummation of that communion for believers awaits His glorious reappearing.

His cause will entirely triumph. His name will be universally revered. Every knee will bow in intelligent submission, every tongue will affirm unreservedly that he is and by all rights ought to be, Lord. He will recompense very person according to what they have done, and according to what they deserve. Grace intervenes for those who believe, so that, because they are in Christ, they will receive all that HE deserves. But the unbelieving and disobedient will experience the recompense that they have incurred by their own choices and they are hardly to be envied (let alone admired!), but are to be viewed with a merciful pity that seeks their repentance.

So my part is to trust and to stick to doing good, to commit my way to him, find my delight in him, to be still before him, and wait patiently for him to act according to his good and undefeatable will.

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