Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Reaping the whirlwind...

Years ago, Christian thinker Francis Schaeffer recognized what would almost inevitably happen, given the shift from a Judeo-Christian world-view in relation to the law:

"First, the whole concept of law has changed. When a Christian consensus existed, it gave a base for law. Instead of this, we now live under arbitrary, or sociological, law. Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes took a big step in the change toward sociological law. Holmes said, 'Truth is the majority vote of that nation that could lick all others.' In other words, law is only what most of the people think at that moment of history, and there is no higher law. It follows, of course, that the law can be changed at any moment to reflect what the majority currently thinks.

"More accurately, the law becomes what a few people in some branch of the government think will promote the present sociological and economic good. In reality the will and moral judgments of the majority are now influenced by or even overruled by the opinions of a small group of men and women. This means that vast changes can be made in the whole concept of what should and what should not be done. Values can be altered overnight and at almost unbelievable speed."

~ Francis Schaeffer, "Whatever Happened to the Human Race?"

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