Monday, June 3, 2013

"Made Clean Forever"

“I do believe and confess that Christ’s condemnation is my absolution, that his crucifying is my deliverance, his descending into hell is my ascending into heaven, his death is my life, his blood is my cleansing and purging, by whom only I am washed, purified and cleansed from all my sins, so that I neither receive nor believe any other purgatory, either in this world or in the other, whereby I am purged, but only the blood of Jesus Christ, by which all are purged and made clean forever.”

-- Bishop John Hooper, quoted in Philip Edgcumbe Hughes, "Theology of the English Reformers"(London, 1965), page 65, style updated.

Self-invented punishment does not cleanse.  Christ alone cleanses.  Christ all by himself.  Now and forever.  And on terms of grace. -- Ray Ortlund, Jr.

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