Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Idolatries of the West (pt. 2)

"...What can be said about affluence applies with equal force to our current fascination with and exploitation of sexuality. Carnality in all of its forms -- from Playboy to the debauchery of pornographic movies -- offers liberation of the spirit through sexual experience. What it actually produces is only bondage, a bondage that is addictive. No matter how demeaned and debauched the sexuality may be, it demands of its devotees their total allegiance.

"It becomes a way of life that is a substitute for that way which the Law and Word of God hold out. It is idolatry. And it participates in the judgment that God pronounces on all other forms of idolatry."

-- David Wells, "God the Evangelist" (Eerdmans 1987) p.20

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