Monday, August 24, 2009

Depersonalizing God's Wrath... Undermining the Cross

D.A. Carson:

"In recent years it has become popular to sketch the Bible‘s storyline something like this: Ever since the fall, God has been active to reverse the effects of sin. He takes action to limit sin's damage; he calls out a new nation, the Israelites, to mediate his teaching and his grace to others; he promises that one day he will send the promised Davidic king to overthrow sin and death and all their wretched effects. This is what Jesus does: he conquers death, inaugurates the kingdom of righteousness, and calls his followers to live out that righteousness now in prospect of the consummation still to come.

"Much of this description of the Bible's storyline, of course, is true. Yet it is so painfully reductionistic that it introduces a major distortion. It collapses human rebellion, God's wrath, and assorted disasters into one construct, namely, the degradation of human life, while depersonalizing the wrath of God. It thus fails to wrestle with the fact that from the beginning, sin is an offense against God."

Read more here at Justin Taylor's blog.

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EH said...

This is so true and it is so prevalent in the church. Oh how careful we must be when we are communicating the Word of God. This issues is found in the very foundational level of our worldview because it is the topic of who God is and where man fits into the picture. For all of the everyday decisions are directly affected by our worldview. Furthermore when I have a view of the story of God like the one shared then I have a great view of man and his position and thus it changes the way I view people who are not believing in King Jesus. Oh how important the foundational truths are.