Saturday, February 7, 2009

'You will know them by their fruit...'

Yesterday I attended a memorial service for a godly Christian lady who went to be with the Lord at 92 years of age. Her Christ-centered, Bible-based, Spirit-led faith led her to be a loving wife and mother (and then grandmother and greatgrandmother). She served the Lord for decades in evangelism and Bible teaching.

She worked hard with the family business and even harder to care for her family.

She led many to faith in Christ, and by the end of her life, her family and friends loved her deeply and profoundly appreciated the legacy and example of love for God and for the gospel and for other people that she left behind.

Her life adorned the Gospel, because the Gospel had shaped her life.

So in the midst of all the new movements and perspectives pressing in on the evangelical church today, with the accompanying criticisms and calls for profound change, I think it's worth remembering that for this godly lady, and for so many, many people like her, it was the historic, orthodox, evangelical Biblical faith that transformed her into such an authentic follower of Jesus Christ.

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