Friday, August 29, 2008

One Pastor's Perspective on Facebook

Josh Harris writes about his 'one and only week on Facebook.'

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Lisa said...

I read Josh's post about his personal convictions of why he left Facebook after only one week. I applaud his self-discipline to follow his personal convictions; more people need to be willing to buck trends in follow God's leading in their lives. I left a comment on Josh's website, that I, however, don't share his conviction in my own case. I have been on Facebook for about 6 months now, and have reconnected with long-lost friends and family. This has led to many, many opportunities to witness about my life and work as shown on my profile, and to ministry opportunities of encouragement and admonishment in people's lives that I don't see often, but now have a chance to keep up with through Facebook. Just being able to catch people on-line and have a live chat is great, and much cheaper than making a phone call (it's free!). So, my life has been enriched by my time on Facebook and I'm glad to have the chance to speak into the lives of others, including my own children, one of which is away at school.