Monday, August 4, 2008

Confidence in God's Fatherly Love

"The focus of the orignial temptation [of Adam and Eve] was theological: to destroy confidence and trust in God's fatherly benevolence. That motif continues in all Satan's warfare against the elect of God. He knows he cannot destroy their relationship with God, so he endeavours in every way possible to hinder enjoyment of that relationship and pervert it from one of filial [father-child] communion to one of slavish bondage.

"It is against this in particular that the whole armour of God is provided as the means of defence. Christ himself wore it (Isa. 59:16-17). This is the guarantee of its absolute reliability for us too, as we wear it by drawing on all the resources we have in union with Christ."

-- Sinclair Ferguson, "The Holy Spirit." p.169 (IVP 1996)

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Unknown said...

Powerful and comforting. This is true encouragement in our Father's LOVE.