Thursday, February 7, 2008

A great book from an excellent author

One of the best books I know of dealing with what means to be a Christian is Sinclair Ferguson's "The Christian Life" (published by Banner of Truth). Dr. Ferguson, who is currently the senior pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Columbia, SC, covers the whole range of the plan of salvation and what it means to be follower of Jesus Christ.

Chapter titles include: Called by God, Conviction of Sin, Born Again, Faith in Christ, True Repentance, Justification, Sin's Dominion Ended, Perseverance, etc.

This is an excellent book for an individual Christian, or a small group, or a Sunday school class to study together.

Jesus taught us that we are sanctified through Biblical truth (John 17:17), and a Bible-based book like this is an excellent resource for knowing God, and for knowing what it means to live for him.

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