Thursday, January 14, 2016

Deciding on the Questionable Matters

“Mature and maturing Christians, when making a decision about a matter that might seem ethically uncertain, don’t fail to take into account that, according to the New Testament, their ultimate decision must be guided by a number of principles, including, 1) the effect it will have on others -- might it trip another believer up, causing them to fall (back?) into sin?), and, 2)whether they can in good conscience say that they are doing the action out of conviction and faith that this is a good way to please their Lord. These are principles taught in a passage like Romans 14, which ends with, ‘But whoever doubts stands condemned if he [does the questionable action], because his eating is not from a conviction (or ‘from faith’), and everything that is not from a conviction is sin.’ (v. 23, HCSB). These principles are especially relevant for those who have been entrusted with leadership and influence in Christ’s church (and who have accepted that special stewardship -- see James 3:1).”

-- Jon G. Baldwin

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