Monday, December 14, 2015

When You Unchain the Earth from the Sun

Carl Trueman's penetrating analysis about a crucial cultural perspective trend -- self-defining and 'self-identifying'

Here is an excerpt:

"The case of Stefonknee Wolscht, the Canadian man who has decided that he is not simply a woman trapped in a man’s body but actually a six year old girl trapped in the same, has attracted some web attention. At first, I thought the story was a hoax but, no, it would appear that the lunatics have taken over the asylum and it is indeed true.  Even if a sick joke, however, it would still offer insights into the inner logic of the politics of identity as currently played by the Left.  Thus, for example, the U.K.'s Pink News reports that parts of the trans community are upset.  Not, of course, at the harm done to Wolscht's wife and children, those symbols of bourgeois oppression who are thus just so much collateral damage in the Glorious Revolution of the Self(ish).   No.  They are upset because his claim to be a different age “discredits their cause.”

"A moment’s reflection would indicate that this condition, whereby a person is really a small child incarcerated within a much older adult body, is increasingly prevalent in today's society. Recent events on the campuses of some of America’s top (sic) universities (sic) clearly show that the transageist community is rapidly growing in size, influence and belligerence.  Still, as with all vanguard movements, some opposition is to be expected.  The concerned reaction of sections of the transgender community is therefore understandable.

"Or is it?..."

Click here for the entire article.

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