Thursday, July 30, 2015

Stumbling block (people)

"There are many professing Christians who, frankly, make it harder for others, especially other Christians, to believe . Because, in spite of their professed devotion to Jesus, their lives are so filled with discontent and distractions and even down-right disobedience, that their pious claim of having found their purpose and joy in Christ and their service to Him just does not ring true. In fact their hypocritical pretending of piety in the midst of what it’s pretty clear that they really care about clangs false.

"But then, thank God, there ARE those, that precious few, that remnant of the real, who, by the choices that they make, and the contentment and commitment that they manifest as they make them, show that Christ really and truly is ‘the Pearl of great price’ and the ‘treasure in the field’ so surpassingly valuable to them that they are happy to sell off everything else they once clung to or daydreamed about in order to possess Him (Matt. 13:44-46)."

-- Jon G. Baldwin

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