Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Key Biblical Words for Worship

The Key Biblical Words for Worship:

1. Worship as homage or grateful submission (proskynein)

  • kneeling, or prostrating oneself, bow down (cp. Gen. 24:26ff., “Then the man bowed down and worshiped [lit., fell on his face to] the Lord…..” Cp. Gen.42:6; Ex.4:31; 34:8; 1 Chron.29:20; 2 Chron.20:18; Ps.95:6; Isa.66:23; Matt.2:11; Phil.2:10
  • expression of awe and submission
  • falling on one’s face in reverence/prayer/petition/entreaty/supplication Cp. Num.20:6; Rev.7:11
  • offerings given to God (cp. Rom.12:1-2; Phil.2:1; 4:187; 2 Tim.4:6;)

2. Worship as service (latreuein) rendered to God

  • The service of a slave; cf. Deut.5:9; cp. Deut.10:12,20; Matt.4:8-10
  • Specifically, religious or priestly service (cp. Rom.12:1-2; Heb.12:28-29)
  • “The language of service implies that God is a great King, who requires faithfulness and obedience from those who belong to Him.” (D. Peterson, “Engaging with God” p.69), cp. 1 Cor.10:31

3. Worship as reverence or respect (sebomai)

  • · Cp. again Heb.12:28-29; Acts 9:31; 2 Cor.7:1; Phil.2:12-13

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