Friday, January 23, 2015

Practically Unbelieving

“There is one particular sin you must be greatly troubled for, and yet I fear there are few of you think what it is. It is the reigning, the damning sin of the Christian world, and yet the Christian world seldom or never thinks of it. And pray what is that? It is what most of you think you are not guilty of, and that is the sin of unbelief.”

Treating God as unreal at a functional level in our hearts and lives and churches and strategies (Ray Ortlund's comment).

“Most of you have not so much faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as the devil himself. I am persuaded the devil believes more of the Bible than most of you do.” -- George Whitefield

For Ray Ortlund's entire post regarding Whitefield's 'Archaeology of Repentance', click here.

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