Saturday, June 28, 2014

What must I do to be saved?

The Gospel is the Good News that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, died on the cross so that we could be forgiven, and rose again as Lord of all to bring us all the blessings of God's kingdom.  So what is the right (and therefore, saving) response to this Good News?  

We are to 'repent and believe' -- but to fill out the meanings of those words a little more: we are to put our trust in Jesus to be our Savior (believe) and give him our whole-souled allegiance as Lord (repentance).  That marks the beginning of a life of 'following Him' -- being devoted to live by 'everything he commands.'  Or as Paul puts it in Romans 1:5 and 16:26, it is the inception of a live lived in the "obedience of faith."

As the old Gospel song puts it, "The world behind me, the cross before me...  I have decided to follow Jesus, no turning turning back."

(Matt. 28:18-20; John 21:19;  1 Thess. 1:9f.; Acts 2:38; 16:31; Rom. 6:17ff.; Gal. 2:20; 6:14)

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