Monday, October 28, 2013

Crying Out to God

“Paul cried out for release.  ‘I besought the Lord thrice that it might depart.’  He records the repeated entreaty without any regret, with no trace of a feeling that he ought to have endured in silence.  ‘Learn to suffer without crying out’ is a noble precept — as regards ‘cries’ to man, which are often better forborne.  But the maxim has no bearing upon cries to God, to the Christ of God.  Too ready, too outspoken, too confiding we cannot be in ‘telling Jesus all.’  Such ‘crying out’ will not weaken us; it will only strengthen us.  For it is the outgoing of our soul not only to infinite kindness, but at the same moment to infinite wisdom and strength.  It is taking refuge in the Rock.  It is ‘coming to the Living Stone.’  And that is the way to become ‘living stones’ ourselves, by contact, by contagion.”

--  H. C. G. Moule, The Second Epistle to the Corinthians (London, 1962), page 117.

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