Monday, August 5, 2013

"Nobody can preach a better gospel...."

"When Charles Spurgeon once was late for a preaching appointment, his grandfather, growing concerned for the impatient crowd, took the pulpit to begin the service. A bit of a way’s into his teaching, Charles finally entered the back door. His grandfather interrupted his own sermon to say, “Here comes my grandson. . . . He can preach the gospel better than I can, but you cannot preach a better gospel, can you, Charles?” 1

"The important thing is not whether you can call down thunder and set hearts aflame with your words, but whether you have personally felt the thunder and flame of the gospel’s word. Lots of people can preach the gospel better than you; but nobody can preach a better gospel than you if yours is the true one. We are all on level ground at the foot of the cross. The question is, can you talk about it plainly and personally?..."

-- Jared C. Wilson, "The Pastor's Justification: Applying the Work of Christ in Your Life and Ministry" (Crossway. Kindle Edition.)

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