Friday, September 21, 2012

Who holds the helm of the universe?

"What a wonderful thought that is, that the whole course of human affairs and of natural processes is directed by Him who died upon the cross!  The helm of the universe is held by the hands which were pierced for us….

“We need these lessons today, when many teachers are trying hard to drive all that is spiriutual and Divine out of creation and history, and to set up a merciless law as the only God.  Nature is terrible and stern sometimes, and the course of events can inflict crushing blows; we do not have the added horror of thinking both to be [random,] controlled by no will.

“Christ is king in either region, and with our Elder Brother for the ruler of the land, we shall not lack grain in our sacks, nor a Goshen to dwell in.

“We need not people the void, as these old heretics did, with imaginary forms, nor with impersonal forces and laws – nor need we, as so many are doing today, wander through its many mansions/[rooms] as through a deserted house, finding nowhere a Person who welcomes us; for everywhere we may behold our Saviour, and out of every storm and every solitude hear his voice across the darkness saying, ‘It is I; do not be afraid.’”

 – Alexander MacLaren, p. 81, Colossians comm.

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