Monday, May 4, 2009

"Loving the Lost" -- Connect

In our evening services we've been doing a special series on 'loving the lost' with a focus on praying, connecting and sharing (that is, sharing the Gospel).

Here's a good blogpost from Jonathan Dodson on ways to 'connect' with non-Christians.

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EH said...

I love this, the great thing that happened while I was reading that blog post was the memories of people that I have known who have been doing parts of this naturally. I had this revelation about two years ago regarding my own life. I didnt have any non Christian friends. As I evaluated my life I found that all my time was tied up in Christian circles and even then when I wasnt I wasnt being intentional with where I was exposed to them. I purposed to expose myself more and to find ways to engage. I know that I will be spending eternity with those at my church but I cant say the same about all of the people that I see in a day. How different would I be living if my eyes saw the people around me differently? If my mind thought about reality differently from that of my culture?