Thursday, April 16, 2009

John Piper's Advice for Pastoral Staffs...

At a recent retreat, John Piper shared these principles for maintaining unity even in the midst of secondary differences.

The specific context was relations between pastoral staff members, but the principles apply in many other scenarios as well.

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EH said...

This is great advice... I found this to be both convicting and insightful. Thank you for posting this as a resource. I certainly can see how a continual reminder of these verses and their truths will help to maintain a spirit of unity among the brethren.

May the Lord unite us having one mind; that being Christ Jesus. May we live out our lives with an urgency and intentionality which is honoring and glorifying to the one who is in us. That is Christ who's energy I struggle with as He powerfully works within me. ( Col. 1:29)