Saturday, March 14, 2009

Kevin DeYoung on the Importance of Good Preaching

Here is just an excerpt from Kevin's blogging about the importance of good preaching:

"My favorite chapter in T. David Gordon’s Why Johnny Can’t Preach is Chapter 4: 'A Few Thoughts About Content.' After wrestling with the nature of preaching for 25 years, Gordon has concluded that the content of Christian preaching should be the person, character, and work of Christ. Kind of makes sense. Of course, preaching will included moral exhortation, but it is never appropriate, says Gordon, 'for one word of moral counsel ever to proceed from a Christian pulpit that is not clearly, in its context, redemptive. That is, even when the faithful exposition of particular texts require some explanation of aspects of our behavior, it is always to be done in a manner that the hearer perceives such commended behavior to be itself a matter of being rescued from the power of sin through the grace of Christ' (70-71).

"So much for all our “relevant” messages helping us live more fulfilled lives. So much for emergent kingdom rhetoric that fails to mention the mercy of the King. So much for more than a few of my sermons over the years."

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