Thursday, July 8, 2010

Why Inerrancy Still Matters

Kevin DeYoung has an excellent post summarizing the continuing importance of a commitment to the inerrancy of Scripture, as explained in the words of J.I. Packer in his important, accessible, remarkable book, Truth and Power: The Place of Scripture in the Christian Life.

Here is just an excerpt from the book:

"Any degree of skepticism about the portrait of Christ, the promises of God, the principles of godliness, and the power of the Holy Spirit, as biblically presented, has the effect of enslaving us to our own alternative ideas about these things, and thus we miss something of the freedom, joy, and vitality that the real Christ bestows. God is very patient and merciful, and I do not suggest that those who fall short here thereby forfeit all knowledge of Christ, though I recognize that when one sits loose to Scripture this may indeed happen. But I do maintain most emphatically that one cannot doubt the Bible without far-reaching loss, both of fullness of truth and of fullness of life. If therefor we have at heart spiritual renewal for society, for churches and for our own lives, we shall make much of the entire trustworthiness–that is, the inerrancy–of Holy Scripture as the inspired and liberating Word of God." (p. 55)

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