Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What/Who We Love, Trust, Obey

One of the most important, helpful books I've read recently is Tim Keller's "Counterfeit Gods."

Here is another excerpt...

"The Bible uses three basic metaphors to describe how people relate to the idols of their hearts. They love idols, trust idols, and obey idols.

"The Bible sometimes speaks of idols using a marital metaphor. God should be our true Spouse, but when we desire and delight in other things more than God we commit spiritual adultery. Romance or success become 'false lovers' that promise to make us feel loved and valued. Idols capture our imagination, and we can locate them by looking at our daydreams. What do we enjoy imagining? What are our fondest dreams? We look to our idols to love us, to provide us with value and a sense of beauty, significance, and worth...."

-- (from the introduction, pp.xxi-xxii)

(Tomorrow, the 'religious' metaphor...what/whom we really put our trust in.)

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