Friday, March 12, 2010

All Theology Is Spirituality

"...the Puritans made me aware that all theology is also spirituality, in the sense that it has an influence, good or bad, positive or negative, on its recipients' relationship or lack of relationship to God. If our theology does not quicken the conscience and soften the heart, it actually hardens both; if it does not encourage the commitment of faith, it reinforces the detachment of f unbelief; if it fails to promote humility, in inevitably feeds pride. So one who theologizes in public, whether formally in the pulpit, on the podium, [as a music/worship leader], or in print, or informally from the armchair, must think hard about the effect his thoughts will have on people -- God's people, and other people."

-- J.I. Packer in "A Quest for Godliness" p. 15 (Crossway 1990)

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EH said...

typo on the second to last line... thing - changed to think.

To make sure you would think I only caught the typo, which I am notorious for, I leave this comment: Drawing the connection between anytime we discuss and proclaim thoughts about God is "theology". Oh the necessity for us to have a right Biblical understanding of God and our right response to Him.

See you tomorrow for lunch.

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